Our mission at Break One is to share our passion for Clay Target Shooting.

As a family run business, it’s important to us that we continue to provide the best experience in a sport that we enjoy. We pride ourselves on offering a unique and action-packed activity to visitors and locals alike, which all walks of life can enjoy!

Break One has been operating a professional Clay shooting range since 2004. Today, we can proudly say that we have taken over 100,000 people Clay Target shooting since we opened almost two decades ago.

Our range is New Zealand Police certified, the safety of our customers and staff is ensured by the high standards of our safe operating procedures and 15 years of commercial experience and operation.


The sport of Clay Target Shooting or Clay Pigeon shooting (if you are from the Northern Hemisphere) was started in the late 1860’s as practice for real game shooting and is an Olympic and professional sport in many countries around the world.

Clay target shooting is the art of shooting at special flying targets known as clay targets or clay pigeons with a shotgun. These are thrown from a ‘trap’ or machine and come in a variety of forms simulating the flight of a duck or pheasant or the run of a rabbit.


Here at Break One Clay are lucky enough to call Queenstown Hill our home – boasting spectacular views of Coronet Peak and Lake Wakatipu, we truly are in a ‘remarkable’ place! Our range on Queenstown Hill Station has arguably some of the best views enjoyed by any Clay target Shooting range in the world.

We are only 15 mins from Queenstown’s Centre. On top of this are also one of the very few providers of clay shooting with full instruction, no experience necessary.

Your experience with us starts by getting kitted out with all the  equipment needed to safely enjoy your shoot, then it is straight into an instruction on the art of Clay Shooting with one of our experienced instructors. 

For the first time shooter or seasoned shooter we offer all of our clients an unparalleled experience to the addictive sport of Clay Target shooting.


Our experienced instructors have years of experience shooting clays, and are able to offer expert one-on-one tuition and coaching to guarantee everyone hits a target!

Our small instructor to customer ratio ensures that this is a personal experience tailored to suit you.


The use of Beretta 12 gauge semi-automatic shotguns, with low recoil ammunition and a special stock (or end of the gun) dramatically reduces any recoil. Our guns are designed to fit and work well for any level of shooter.

Queenstown shooting Activity

Join me and the team at our range located on the beautiful Queenstown Hill Station. As the owner and operator of Break One I take pride knowing we offer our customers an amazing experience that will leave you wanting for more. 

I personally guarantee you ‘ll hit a target and have an awesome time doing it

Blake Holden 

Great tuition from Tom, exceeded our expectations and great location up in the hills. There was something for all levels and we’ll definitely be back again!

- Angela via Facebook

Was a great activity! Blake was a wonderful tour guide/shooting instructor. I even managed to hit the targets - 15 out of 24 shots! Not to bad for a first timer!

-Amy via Facebook

I went along just to support my husband, but ended up loving the day as much as he did! Blake was an amazing instructor, and the specially designed gun was perfect for a first timer. I highly recommend giving this a go!

-Cat via facebook

Loved it! The whole experience is amazing, from start to finish. Blake has the knack of making you feel comfortable at all times. We will be back for round 3 next year!

-Tanya via Facebook

Blake was helpful, safety conscious and we had a few good laughs. Something to tick off the bucket list!

-Leanne via Facebook

Having never used a gun before, Blake offered expert guidance and assisted my wife and I in a fantastic new experience!

-Issac via Facebook

We had a blast and look forward to coming back again and again!

-Robert via TripAdvisor

Blake is super friendly and a professional in his field. With him, it is a guaranteed success!

-Jade via TripAdvisor

The whole experience was top notch! A must try experience!

- Joy via TripAdvisor

For first time shooters - this experience was fantastic! Highlight of our trip!

- Mei via TripAdvisor

Great adrenalin rush shooting a shot gun for the very first time!

- Hayden via TripAdvisor